Green Thumb Media is a leading film and video production company serving the Northern Rivers and southern Queensland. We are the only production company in Australia focused exclusively on servicing the growing community of ethical and sustainable brands, businesses and not-for-profits. Why? Because you only live once, and that’s just not long enough to wash the stink off. 

We are passionate about the environment, our community, progressive politics and cinema. We’ve spent the better part of our lives doing work to help advance the causes of sustainability, social justice and awesome content. Now we want to share that knowledge and experience with you, to help you grow and engage with your customers and stakeholders.

We work with brands, businesses, not-for-profit organizations, local councils, business organizations and anyone else who’s either already committed to ethical and sustainable practices or who’s doing the hard but necessary work of making that change and needs help to do it. We don’t work with evil people, but that’s about it.

We are also super nice and approachable (and partly American, so lacking tall poppy syndrome), so why not set up a time to talk so we can get to know you and your story and see what we can do to help. 



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Founder & Creative Director

Matt is a highly-experienced journalist, documentary filmmaker and cinematographer. He’s spent the last two decades working for who’s who of media including The New York Times, Reuters, Network Ten and many, many more. Born and raised in New York City, he has reported from more than 40 countries, including Russia, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan and the sinking Pacific Islands of Tuvalu. From 2016-2020 he was a senior adviser to the Leader of the Australian Greens, Sen. Richard Di Natale. Matt founded Green Thumb because he loves visual storytelling and never wanted to work for someone else ever ever again. Ever. He lives off the grid on a beautiful property near the beach in the Northern Rivers, surrounded by kangaroos, wallabies, goannas and the wildest animals of all, his daughters Sadie and Freida.


Production Manager

Emma has nearly a decade of experience managing teams and complex projects for a wide range of leading universities and not-for-profit organisations. She is a legendary planner whose skills lie not only in juggling ALL THE THINGS but also keeping communication clear and production on schedule. It’s not the glory job, but we can’t all be creative directors…. Born and raised on the beautiful North Coast, Emma has finally answered the call to return home and is enjoying the sunshine.



Director of Client Engagement

Dan left the corporate business world to join Matt and Emma at Green Thumb Media in order to tackle the Climate challenge at the grassroots level. That he is able to be on this journey with two close friends who have known him since he was a know-it-all teenager is the bonus of all bonuses.

Dan sees the small roles we all play as making possible the big responsibilities we must deliver on a planetary scale. He draws on his broad experience both in Australia and internationally to build the community engagement needed to make that positive change happen.

Dan worked in Sydney, Washington D.C. and New York before joining Green Thumb and moving to Bangalow with his wife. Having grown up in Nelson Bay, he has finally realised he is a small town coastal kid at heart. 



Putting our money - and/or time - where our mouth is



Green Thumb Media is proud to be a supporting member of One Percent for the Planet. We donate one percent of our revenue annually to not-for-profits working in the ethical and sustainable space.



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